ITU SEED Accelerator Program

ITU SEED, celebrates its 10th anniversary and is ranked in the top five, among university incubation centers by UBI Global. In order to inspire technology entrepreneurs at different stages and contribute to their success in the global market ITU SEED offers all the support an entrepreneur needs in his journey, such as training, consultancy, mentoring, networking, corporate business partners, press & PR support and investment.

From all over the world

International entrepreneurs and startups who have been established in any country other than Turkey for more than 1 year and who are at the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage can apply to the program.

ITU Seed is the bridge to startups on the path of global growth and enables startups to open up to the world from Istanbul, the heart of the finance and business world.

ITU Seed, brings together startups and potential corporate customers and gives them access to global investors networks.

Over the billions

ITU SEED, which has received more than 60,000 applications from more than 29 countries in the world and 81 provinces of Turkey, supported more than 3,494 startups and more than 7,643 entrepreneurs, has witnessed their success stories by accompanying hundreds of entrepreneurs. So far 1,057 startups have been established and these startups have reached a valuation of more than 301 million €, received investments of more than 49 million € and a turnover of more than 23 million €.

Startups included in ITU SEED processes are eligible for Pre-Incubation, Big Bang and Incubation stages. These processes are divided into three:

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