Big Bang Startup Challenge, where the best start-ups supported by ITU-Çekirdek, the Incubation Center of ITU ARI Teknokent, are determined every year, was held on December 07-08. The event is celebrated its 11th anniversary this year, it was announced that 341 million 255 thousand Turkish Lira of funds were delivered to entrepreneurs. In Big Bang 2022, 71 startups received 19 million 365 thousand Turkish Lira in cash and awards. The investment of 274 million 195 thousand TL received by 53 ITU Çekirdek initiatives, which received investments in 2022, was announced collectively at Big Bang. From Your Eyes, Tayko Pil and İyiMetal were the first three startups that received the highest amount of funds among 71 finalists who took the stage.

It was announced that 341 million 255 thousand Turkish Lira of resources were provided to entrepreneurs in the Big Bang Startup Challenge, where ITU Çekirdek Incubation Center, which is among the top 5 entrepreneurship incubation centers of universities in the world, determines the best of the startups every year. On the first day of Big Bang 2022, which was held on 7-8 December 2022 with the motto “Future Changers” this year, TOP 71 startups made their presentations on the sectoral vertical Automotive, Insurtech, Civil Aviation and Airport Management, Enerjim Sensin and General category stages, while on the second day of the event, TOP 20 initiatives made their presentations on the stage and an award ceremony was held. In Big Bang 2022, 19 million 365 thousand TL cash and prizes were distributed to 71 startups. Among the initiatives in the TOP 71 are the startups that are entitled to be in the top three with the awards, cash and investments received; From Your Eyes, Tayko Pil and the İyiMetal was.


Big Bang Startup Challenge 2022 Award Screen


The investment of 274 million 195 thousand TL received by 53 ITU Çekirdek initiatives, which received investments in 2022, was celebrated by announcing collectively at Big Bang. The investment news announcement of 5 of the startups that received investment was announced for the first time on the Big Bang stage. Startups whose investment news was first announced on the Big Bang stage; While Ecofoni received an investment of TL 75 million at a valuation, Kooplog received a pre-seed investment of TL 300,000, Lumnion received an investment of TL 150 million as a continuation of its seed investment, Adlema received an investment of USD 400,000 and Nanomik received an investment of EUR 800,000.

The Big Bang Startup Challenge, hosted by Serdar Kuzuloğlu and where TV programmer Ahmet Can interviewed startups and ITU Çekirdek stakeholders throughout the day between the stage, hosted a unique experience this year with a wide participation after the pandemic. On both days of the Big Bang stage, the opening show about the evolutions of technology, designed with specially prepared ghost curtains and dancers, turned into an artistic feast. The participants had joyful moments with popular songs of the famous Turkish rap artist Ceza, who took the stage before the award ceremony. In the event that was shown intense interest, there was also a great interest in the stands of the entrepreneurs in the foyer. In addition, in the entrepreneurial booth area, 3 graffiti specially prepared by the famous graffiti artist Leo Lunatic for the Big Bang were exhibited.


On the first day of Big Bang 2022, ITU ARI Teknokent General Manager Prof. Dr. Attila Dikbaş started his opening speech by reading the telegram message sent by the Minister of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Varank. In his speech on the second day, Dikbaş talked about the importance of the support they have made to the Innogate program within the scope of the Techno-Acceleration Support Program of the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey and the success of the program, and gave information about the global cooperation program of ITU ARI Teknokent planned for 2023. Finally, he mentioned that ITU ARI Teknokent is now ready for the Big Bang event to take place on a global scale.


ITU ARI Teknokent General Manager Prof. Dr. Attila Dikbaş


ITU ARI Teknokent Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Gülsün Sağlamer explained the point that Teknokent has reached in 20 years with striking figures. Sağlamer, who also included his memories, attracted the great attention of the participants by making striking inferences from every memory of the young people who attended the ceremony.

ITU ARI Teknokent Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Gülsün Sağlamer 


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu emphasized the importance he attaches to technology, science and entrepreneurship and said that young people will always be behind them in these issues while heralding their cooperation with ITU ARI Teknokent, especially with satellite incubators.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu


At the end of the day, ITU ARI Teknokent Marketing and Business Development Director Arzu Eryılmaz, who explained the outputs of ITU Çekirdek at the end of 11 years, touched on the importance of unity and solidarity.

ITU ARI Teknokent Marketing and Business Development Director Arzu Eryılmaz


They add value to the entrepreneurship ecosystem

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality/Istanbul Planning Agency, Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Elginkan Foundation, Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB), Istanbul Airport (İGA), Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA)/Electricity Distribution Services Association (ELDER), AgeSA, Agito, AKSigorta, AXA Sigorta, HDI Sigorta, Neova Sigorta, Anadolu Efes, Coşkunöz Holding, EnerjiSA, Ford Otosan, Golrang Industrial Group, Pasha Holding, Petrol Ofisi, Teknasyon, Yalçıner and Yapı Kredi Technology such as ITU Çekirdek increases the value of Turkey There are many stakeholders involved. ITU Çekirdek initiatives with the support of stakeholders; They meets with prominent leaders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, receives mentoring support and conducts cooperation meetings that end with investment-sales



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