Bridge to Global Growth: What Does ITU Seed Offer to Startups? 5 minutes read

ITU Seed is the incubation center of ITU ARI Teknokent, the technology development zone of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), one of the oldest technical universities in the world, whose roots date back 250 years. It was established in 2011 with the visionary approach of ITU and ITU ARI Teknokent in order to support technological entrepreneurs from different sectors and to enable them to become start-ups with a fast-growing and scalable business model.

Everything Entrepreneurs Need is Here

ITU Seed, which ranks among the top 5 university incubation centers in the world by Sweden-based UBI Global, offers entrepreneurs all of the support they need in their entrepreneurial journey, such as training, consultancy, mentoring, networking, corporate business partners, press & PR support and capital. ITU Seed, one of the most important entrepreneurship centers in the region, has more than 40 corporate stakeholders, including major public institutions and large institutions from different sectors, providing opportunities and support to more entrepreneurs every year with the contributions of more than 40 investment networks / investor stakeholders.

Over 50,000 Applications from More Than 35 Countries

Of the more than 50,000 applications received to date by ITU Seed from more than 35 countries, providing support to more than 3,500 startups and 7,600 entrepreneurs, 1057 startups have been incorporated. These startups have reached a valuation of more than 301 million euros, received investments of more than 49 million euros and a turnover of more than 23 million euros.


Why Should You Apply to ITU Seed?

ITU Seed is the right address for all entrepreneurs and startups with technological and leading-edge products or business ideas who believe that their product is innovative and suitable for commercial success. If you are an entrepreneur living in a country other than Turkey, and if you have a true desire of going global, ITU Seed is for you!

By applying to ITU Seed;

  • You can become part of the strong and rich ecosystem of Istanbul Technical University, one of the world’s oldest and Turkey’s largest technical universities, and ITU ARI Teknokent, one of Turkey’s largest technoparks,
  • You can take the first step to going global in Istanbul, one of the world’s largest metropolises,
  • You can have access to free open office space and a fully equipped working environment where you will be in the company of other entrepreneurs aiming to change the world,
  • You can meet with more than 500 mentors who are experts in their fields and who will support you with anything you may need,
  • You can join an entrepreneurship program that will improve your business model and give you new perspectives,
  • You can take part in investor meetings where you can create investment opportunities and expand your network,
  • You can meet with more than 40 stakeholders, including corporate companies that are leaders of different sectors in Turkey,
  • You can take advantage of more than 40 perks such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Hubspot for free or at a discounted rate,
  • You can get R&D and infrastructure support such as access to a prototyping lab and other engineering equipment in order to make your start-up scalable and commercial.
  • As an ITU ARI Teknokent company, you can benefit from tax advantages in Turkey,
  • Using ITU ARI Teknokent’s connections, you can reach local and global contacts that will develop your startup,
  • You can find the opportunity to work with specialized and dedicated coaches who will closely follow you and your work on your entrepreneurial journey,
  • And you will have the chance to access 42 million euros (according to 2021) worth of award, cash and investments by taking part in the Big Bang Startup Challenge, one of the world’s largest entrepreneurship events, organized by ITU Seed for 10 years.

What Are the Stages of the Entrepreneurship Journey at ITU Seed?

Entrepreneurs applying to ITU Seed are first evaluated in detail. Startups that successfully pass this evaluation join ITU Seed and are included in ITU Seed’s training process. At the end of this process, startups that complete the jury stage meet with corporate stakeholders. Startups that qualify for the Big Bang Startup Challenge held at the end of the year are then selected for the ITU Seed Incubation Program.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Startup and Go Global with ITU Seed?

As ITU Seed, we are a bridge to global growth and we aim to open startups outside of Turkey to the global level by providing numerous types of support and advantages. If you are ready to grow your startup with ITU Seed and want to increase your strength on the way to going global, apply to ITU Seed now and join us!


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